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  • June 23, 2016

    Korean BBQ in Alameda

    I really enjoy eating Korean food. Tons of 'Banchan' (side dishes), appetizers, rices, noodles, smoked meats, etc. What's not to love? 

    Since moving to the East Bay, I haven't tried a ton of Korean restaurants, but one did really impress me. 

    Bowl'd BBQ.

    I love the variety of dishes you can get here. It has all the traditional favorites plus some more. They offer a "Build your own stone bowl" Bibimbop, where you pick a cold vs hot bowl, you pick your own protein - bulgogi, chicken, pork belly, salmon, or short ribs, and finally picking a rice - white or mixed grain. We opted for a hot bulgogi bibimbop with EXTRA gochuchang. We love it. The great thing about the hot stone bowls is the food stays HOT the entire dinner. It is legit sizzling when it comes to the table. 

    Another one of my favorites to order at any Korean restaurant is usually the Kimchi Fried rice. It's a pretty standard dish, but I just love everything about it. It was actually my favorite of everything we ordered but I may be a little biased....The flavors just work very well, its not too spicy and the bulgogi really adds the perfect amount of sweetness to the dish. If you like fried rice, then you have to try this! 

    We didn't just stop there...we also ordered "daboki" which is also known as spicy rice cakes. CAUTION: These are very addicting! (just a joke). I would describe this as a spicy yet sweet type of dish. The rice cakes have a slightly chewy consistency to them which makes it even better. I am sure you can alter the spiciness, but I usually like mine VERY spicy. In this dish is also fish cake and more kimchi. This place serves a good amount of food, so I really only saved room for rice cakes and didn't eat much of the kimchi or fish cake. 

    Overall, I really like this restaurant. The service is quick, and they have several different locations in the bay area. 

    Feel free to leave any feedback!

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