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  • June 16, 2016

    Boudin: When you love clam chowder...

    Since moving to the bay area from New York, I have to say the Clam chowder here is BOMB

    Of course I had to try to the famous clam chowder from Boudin. I actually went to 2 different ones, the restaurant and the cafe but they are the same. I love that you can get a good quality chowder at a good price. It is such a great spot for a quick lunch, especially since you can order online for pick up or dine in. 

    I love a good bread bowl anything. The chowder is very creamy, and you'll find potatoes and clams loaded in the soup! The bread bowl is great for dipping and eating at the end when the soup kind of soaks into the bread. You can also get it in a regular bowl too if you're not a big fan of the bread bowl. 

    I also bought a roasted chicken club to go during my visit. It has bacon, avocado, tomato, chicken and lettuce in the sandwich. Not surprising, the sandwich here is pretty good. The bread itself was very tasty, however the crust was a little bit too toasted so it hardened after not eating it for 30 minutes. But there are also tons of other things to get at the cafe! They have salads, sandwiches, burgers (Yum!), grilled cheeses and additional bread for home! 

    Overall, I am very pleased with all my visits to Boudin. The one I went to was in Fremont, CA so this one is a little bigger than the one on Pier 39 in San Francisco. I believe the different locations vary by menu items and size a little bit. If you are in the south bay area, I would definitlly visit the larger locations since they have more food items on the menu!

    Please leave any comments or feed back below! 

    See ya next time!


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