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  • June 13, 2016

    Memorial day weekend trip!

    Hi everyone!

    So for Memorial day weekend, we drove down to Santa Barbara/LA area from San Francisco along the Pacific Coast Highway! The views were soooo pretty, but the drive was pretty long too. 

    One of the many views driving along the PCH

    We ate so much this weekend, I honestly don't even know where to start. 

    Okay, I am going to begin with my new FAVORITE brunch spot. "Cici's Cafe." This place is awesome, they have over 20 pages of menu items and all of them are so unique. It seems overwhelming at first, so you really have to take some time to limit your choices down. I wish we had a Cici's in the bay area so I could try everything on their menu. We ordered the green tea tiramisu pancakes and the bacon con queso benedict. BEST pancakes you'll ever have. You have to try them. Now. The benedict was also amazing, it is hands down the best benedict I have ever had. 

    Green Tea Tiramisu pancakes

    Bacon con Queso Benedict 

    Another brunch spot we went to was Cafe Nouveau, which was in Ventura, CA. My favorite thing we got was the Maple bacon Beignets. It's some type of fried dough, but not quite like a doughnut. It reminded of a Chinese breakfast dish called Youtiao, for those of you who have had it before. 

    Maple bacon beignet

    Another place I've been meaning to try was actually "Honey Mee", which is an ice cream store. I actually had no idea where it was, but on our way to dinner on Sunday night, we literally drove right by it. It couldn't have been more perfect. The honey tastes pairs very well with their milk ice cream. I ordered the "Sweetie", with a honey comb crisp. I was too chicken to try it, so my boyfriend ate it instead. He thought it tasted like the honey, but was overall impressed at how fresh it was. Many people did mention how small it really is in person. But I thought it was the perfect size since I am usually so full when I get dessert after dinner anyway.  

    Our SWEETIE ice cream
    We had a pretty great weekend down in southern california! There are tons of things to do there, and best of all so many good eats around too! 

    If you have any other suggestions for me next time, feel free to comment below! 



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