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  • June 25, 2016

    Southern Comfort: Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen

    Can I just say...I LOVE FRIED FOOD

    And who does fried food better than the south? 

    Y'all just HAVE to try Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen in Berkeley.  Let me start off with the decor of the restaurant. It has a "New Orleans" / "Mardi Gras" type of vibe when you first walk in. It's decorated with Mardi Gras beads, old clocks, brick walls, old chandeliers, etc. They also play jazz-y music which makes you feel like you're in New Orleans and forget you're just in Berkeley. 

    The menu items were all very southern - lots of fried foods, seafood, and potatoes. 

    We first ordered the Grilled Andouille which is a spicy smoked sausage link. It was served with creole mustard and an arugula salad. It was a little small, but it is an appetizer. We shared it amongst 2 people, but we definitely wanted more! It is a pretty spicy dish, and the mustard made it even more spicy (just the way I like it!) 

    A more popular appetizer they have here is Hush Puppies. We didn't order it, but I did see almost every table at the restaurant munching on some. That will definitely be on the list next time we go back! 

    I ordered the Oyster Po'Boy as my entree. This was the BEST oyster po'boy I've ever tasted. First off, it is so important to me that food is served hot or at least warm. Every dish served here was promptly brought to the table fresh and hot. 

    The sandwich was seasoned so perfectly, and the  oyster itself was fried so crisply. It stayed crunchy the entire time and did not end up soggy at all. The oyster was also very fresh and I was very impressed with that. This was also a little spicy - so this is certainly a place for spicy food lovers! If you can't tell from the picture, the sandwich was pretty big and I was only able to finish half of it :(  

    Next we also had the Buttermilk Fried Chicken. My my my........where do I even begin? 

    The chicken was absolutely amazing - this does not even do justice to the dish. It is served with a ham cream gravy that is just out of this world. I have never tasted anything better. The sauce literally makes the dish 100% better. The chicken, just like the oyster, was seasoned perfectly - not too salty, or too bland - just perfect. It is also served with mashed sweet potatoes, and green beans. I definitely recommend trying this dish - especially if you love fried chicken. 

    This is now my new favorite restaurant. I just want to try everything on the menu. Needless to say, I am already thinking about the next time I go back and what to try. 

    So is this place worth bragging about? HELL YES. 

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