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  • June 19, 2016

    The Press - an artisan cafe

    I love a good panini. 

    So much, that I've actually considered getting my own panini press to get that perfectly grilled bread. But then I'd actually have to get other ingredients...and actually make it..so I've decided against that haha..

    The Press cafe has an impressive list of panini's and sandwiches or "Sammie's" as they like to call it. 

    Usually, cafe's or restaurants have one or two panini's on the menu and call it a day, but here they have their regular menu, with plenty of panini's and sandwiches to choose from and even appetizers/sides. 

    So I ordered the avocado triple cheese and added bacon. You can't go wrong with bacon. It sounds like a pretty plain panini, which it is but I just love the fresh ingredients they use. 

    I like how with all the cheese they put in, the bread is still crispy and did not turn soggy throughout the whole lunch. 

    My boyfriend ordered smoked turkey with tomato jam panini. Now this was truly different. 

    The tomato jam was just heaveeeeennn. It worked so well in the panini, made everything taste so much better. The provolone and brie was melted perfectly onto the turkey slices. Just like my panini, this stayed crispy and was not soggy at all. Each panini/sammie comes with a mixed greens salad - ours had strawberries and was tossed with a light vinaigrette. 

    As you can see, the panini's look pretty big - as they are and is VERY filling. I couldn't even finish the whole thing, and definitely did not have enough room to finish the salad either.

    I definitely plan on trying the other panini's and maybe even some appetizers! 

    Please leave any feedback or any recommendations! 


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