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  • July 8, 2016

    Aloha from Keoki's Paradise!

    Hey guys!

    For those that have been following me on Instagram, you may already know that last week I took a trip down to Hawaii (Kauai specifically) for the week of July 4th. 

    I want to start off by saying....Kauai is amazing. 

    The food, the places, the people - just everything. 

    Lets start off with one of the first restaurants I went to, which may be one of the best, Keoki's Paradise. 

    The decor of the restaurant is very interesting. It is technically "indoors", but the restaurant itself is open throughout, so you're basically sitting outside no matter where you are. They also have a live band playing during dinner. 
    First...a nice Piña Colada to start the night 😉

    They start your dinner off right - with something sweet. We were given complimentary banana muffins with cinnamon butter spread. The muffin is already great on its own, but that spread is simply amazing. It has a sweet cinnamon-y taste but it's also very creamy and is not too overpowering either. 

    We started our dinner off with a short rib bao. To my surprise, pork belly/short rib seems to be a very popular dish in Kauai. It was quite tasty. Very sweet but had a nice kick to it as well. Inside the bao has kimchee, cilantro and pickled mustard seeds. 

    As my entree, I ordered Chef's fresh fish duo. This comes with two fresh fishes of the day/season. The two plated here are Ono and Opah. They were both grilled to perfection, with two different sauces. One was grilled with a sweet barbecue sauce and the other sauce was a tangy-sweet glaze. The sides were not too shabby either - coconut cream rice (yum!) and some healthy bok choy.

    Both fishes were delicious, and for me, that's saying a lot.

    I NEVER eat cooked fish but I took my chances on my first dinner in Kauai and never looked back. I am forever changed.

    My boyfriend ordered the Prime Rib.  As you can see, the portion was pretty large. The prime rib was slightly undercooked in our opinion but still had great flavor. My boyfriend and I went to House of Prime Rib in San Francisco last year, and we would say the prime rib is pretty comparable. The Au Jus sauce was very great for dipping though, made the prime rib much tastier.

    But when in Hawaii, fish is definitely the winner!

    Overall, I had a great experience at Keoki's. They had wonderful music and an amazing staff. We were seated right away without any reservations.  And most importantly, the food was deeeeeelicious. 

    This place is 100% worth bragging about!! 

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