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  • July 14, 2016

    Eating House 1849 - Hawaiian Fusion

    So here I am just walking around looking for restaurants that are still open due to our late eating habits and its about 8:30pm already and most restaurants close at 9pm. 

    Eating House 1849? looks decent, and is opened until 9:30. Perfect! 

    The restaurant itself is very open and has a "out-doorsy" type of feel because of the wooden furniture. You can't see it in this picture...but to the left is the kitchen - there are clear windows surrounding the kitchen and you can see the chefs at work in there. I thought it was pretty cool, watching your food being made and how hectic it gets in there. 

    Here is what we ordered:

    For starters, or "pu pu", we got the Huli Huli Style Pork Belly. Dang, this was delicious. The pork belly is seasoned with go chu chang, kimchi and crispy garlic. Now we see where the fusion comes in. My only complaint is the portion was way too small! (that's usually my only complaint haha)

    Special of the night - I got the Ono here with a wasabi & soy sauce (I believe). VERY GOOD. I'll just come out and say it, you can't go wrong with fish in Hawaii. At least I haven't. The flavors of the sauce are very interesting; it's a little spicy but still holds a lot of flavor in the fish. It also came with a side of Malaysian fried rice which was very very tasty as well. 

    We also ordered a 16 oz grilled rib eye steak but somehow I seem to have lost the picture for that. Womp womp..

    I can't say I hated it or I loved it, steak is steak to me. However, the caramelized onion glaze on the steak was very flavorful and if you like steak, you'll appreciate it more than me. My boyfriend on the other hand, gives it 2 thumbs up! 


    Chocolate Souffle - AHHHHH so freaking delicious. Between the soft texture of the souffle and the hot chocolate oozing out of it and the ice cream....I finished it all in under 5 minutes flat. I still dream about it. 

    Overall - I would say this dinner was an A+++. If you're ever in Kauai, you have to try the pork belly and the souffle. Those were definitely my favorites!


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