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  • July 24, 2016

    BRUNCH at La Note!

    So every time I hear or read something about La Note, it's usually about how amazing it is for brunch but there's a catch. The wait is always SO LONG, like at least an hour of waiting over the weekend. 

    Here's a tip: go after the rush. (this means go close to closing time, but still have enough time to eat.) 

    I got to the restaurant at about 2:20 on a Saturday and there was zero wait time. We were seated right away and the food came super quick. I eat pretty quick, so this was perfect for me. If you're a slow eater - then going earlier might be more worth it. 


    You can always try to make a reservation on opentable! I think you can make one on weekdays for sure, but for weekend brunch reservations are only for parties of 8 or more. So you hear that? Bring all your mothers, sisters, brothers, friends to get that rezzie. 

    The restaurant itself has a rustic and homey feeling. They also have a garden patio outside the back of the restaurant that is open seasonally if you're feeling fancy!

    Here is what I ordered: 

    TOASTED CINNAMON BRIOCHE - served with lavender honey. For me, this was okay. Maybe because I'm not a huge fan of cinnamon, it just didn't really sit well with me. But if you like a cinnamon french toast taste, this might be for you. The honey was really fresh though!

    COTE NORD WITH GOAT CHEESE - OH MY GOODNESS. This was freakin amazing. Scrambled eggs with goat cheese on a slice of toasted levain bread. I cut up the tomatoes and put them on top. PERFECTION. Everything just melts in your mouth and the tomato adds a hint of spicy to it that I love. 

    OMLETTE DE POMMES DE TERRE - this is a potato and caramelized onion omlette. (sorry this pic kind of sucks.) I liked how the potatoes were layered on top of the omlette and the onions were sweet and savory. 

    Overall, I gotta say....La Note - you have lived up to my expectations. Inexpensive yet delicious. 

    If you haven't already, go check this place out! Feel free to leave any feedback down below.



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