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  • July 19, 2016


    Mostly, I spend my time thinking about where to eat and actually waste a lot more time thinking than deciding on where to eat.

    I live in the east bay area and going out to San Francisco for lunch or any meal isn't always the most time efficient.

    So I made a list of places if you're having trouble deciding where to go in the east bay! There are tons of good food to eat here and you don't even have to drag yourself over the bridge and sit in traffic for hours and hours...

    Here are some of my favorite spots:

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    Why I like it: It's a quaint little cafe with tons of panini's and are totally customiz-able. They have a variety of small breakfast foods and salads too. It does get crowded around lunch time, and be sure to check their schedule because they are closed are Sundays. I definitely learned that the hard way. I blogged about it earlier so if you want to take a look at what to order, check it out here

    Where is it? Pleasanton, CA

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    Why I like it: Again, a small little place with good food. I like that it's not crowded and there isn't a long wait whenever you're just so hungry and need food NOW. I like the fried buttermilk chicken sandwich here, it's one of their popular items. Another popular item is the crispy potato puffs. Also, if you're in a big rush, you can order your food online and just run over to pick it up. 

    Where is it? Berkeley, CA and Oakland, CA

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    Why I like it: Koja - Korean Japanese - how clever haha! They make awesome small sandwiches with your meat of choice - from short ribs, bbq beef, braised pork, chicken, etc. all wrapped in a fried garlic rice bun! They all come with different interesting ingredients, so you'll just have to pick your favorite. Aside from sandwiches, they also have bowls, tacos, salads and BANGING waffle fries. 

    Where is it? they have a lot of locations - Berkeley is closest in the East Bay but they also have it in SF, San Jose and Emeryville. 

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    Why I like it: Sorry, but what's not to like about pizza? They have an AWESOME regular tomato and cheese with basil slice if you're not looking to be too adventurous. But...if you are stepping outside your comfort zone, they have a lot of gourmet slices here. My favorite is the Cal Italia! 

    Where is it? They just opened one in Walnut Creek, CA! But they do have another location in San Francisco if you are out that way. 

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    Why I like it: This place is awesome! It's great for lunch and dinner. They have a great variety of brunch items - omelettes, benedict's (my favorite is the spinach artichoke), pancakes, etc. They have the regular burgers, salads, and sandwiches too. BUT don't forget to look at the Mac and Cheeses here! My favorite is the bacon mac and cheese. Their portions are pretty big so bring your friends and family to try everything. 

    Where is it? Pleasant hill, CA 

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    Why I like it: If you like Thai food, then you should give this place a try. They have a decent sized menu, so their price ranges from $-$$. I have only come here for lunch - so they have a lunch menu with slightly cheaper prices ($1-$2 off their regular items.) Quick service, delicious food and amazing Thai tea! And if you order the Roti, you can choose which curry you want :)

    Where is it? Walnut Creek, CA

    If any of you have any suggestions, I would love to hear back from you! 



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