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  • August 1, 2016

    Hog Island Oyster at the Ferry Building

    So whether you are visiting San Francisco or live here, you might have come across a restaurant called Hog Island Oyster Co. at some point of your search on where to eat. 

    Well, it's about time you get your butts over there!

    This will be my second time there, annnnnd it can't get any better than this. 

    The restaurant is located in the Ferry building, right on the water. If you sit outside you get a pretty good view, and its quite enjoyable on a nice breezy summer day. Outdoor seating is also pet friendly - so I obviously brought my 4-legged friend Olive!

    The line is usually pretty long if you go during lunch or dinner over the weekend. We waited a good 45 minutes for a table outside, but it might be a shorter wait for 2 people. If you are visiting from elsewhere, I suggest going during the weekday to avoid the wait!

    BUT the wait is worth it. 

    Here is what we ordered: 

    Clam Chowder - a MUST have here. The chowder is very light, definitely not the chunky kind everyone is used to. There are REAL clams in there you see?? SO DELICIOUS, I could eat this every day. 

    Oyster Bar Mix - this is a mix of the oysters available that day and you can sample all of them just to get a taste of everything. Personally, I loved all of them - everything is really fresh. You can definitely taste the difference between the 4 we got, even if you're not a big oyster eater. The sauce in the middle is ammaaazzing with the oysters although I'm not too sure what it is. 

    Grilled Cheese Sandwich - mmmmm...The cheese they use here is from the Cowgirl Creamery which is another store in the Ferry building you can buy cheeses and sandwiches from as well. The grilled cheese is a bit on the heavier side, but I love cheese so it's not too much for me. It is a bit on the smaller side too as you might be able to tell.

    Seafood Stew - This is good too, tons of seafood goodies filled to the rim of the bowl. The seafood here is very fresh, however, I am more of a fan of the clam chowder. (just a personal preference though)

    Overall, my favorite here is the oysters - hence hog island oysters. It's always so fresh and delicious, I could probably eat all 24 by myself. For me, oysters alone doesn't really fill me up so I have to get hot food too! 

    If you guys have any other recommendations here or anywhere else, please let me know! 



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