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  • August 18, 2016

    miami travel guide!

    Hey guys! I just got back from Miami a couple of days ago and it was a lot of fun! Miami seems to be a pretty popular place to travel to within the U.S, its not overly expensive and is close enough especially if you live on the east coast! 

    So I wanted to do a travel guide and give you guys some info about traveling to Miami! 

    Travel Tip: The humidity in Miami is so real. I lived in NYC and it's humid there - but Miami is on another level. So pack light clothing and try not to put on so much makeup or anything because it just melts right off. Bring mosquito repellant - or end up like me with lots and lots of bite marks! 


    We stayed at Palms Hotel & Spa which was sort of like a mini-resort. It was right on the beach (mid-beach), and we were able to walk right outside our hotel, go through the back and had the beach right there. Staying here was great because on the beach, there were beach chairs and umbrellas set up for the guests already and you could even order food right there! We also had a decent sized pool - also set up with chairs already. Very family and couple friendly hotel, not too loud or crowded either! The rooms were a little bit on the smaller side, but we weren't inside too much besides to sleep. I definitely recommend staying near the beach - whether it be south beach or mid-beach, it saves you a lot of hassle and time from driving out to the beach and having to lug all your belongings with you. 


    There are SO MANY restaurants in Miami Beach, you really have to limit down to what cuisine you're looking to eat. Here are some options: 

    1) Pubbelly Sushi - It almost feels like a fusion type of sushi restaurant. Food was great here, but portions were very tiny. I recommend eating here for a light lunch, because honestly it didn't fill me up. I ordered the Wagyu beef tartare (AMAZING), Salmon tartare taquito (which was more like a taco), pork belly on a skewer (delicious), and a sashimi platter. Fish was fresh here, food was very flavorful! 

    2) The Local House - This is a good brunch spot - it's not too crowded and outdoor/indoor seating is available. Most places on sunday have a standard brunch menu here, so there are no surprises! We ordered a crab benedict, tuna slider, steak and eggs and a tuna avocado salad. 

    3) Miam Cafe - this is located in the heart of Wynwood (a tourist spot). A small cafe with breakfast and lunch option. They serve sandwiches, salads and a mean burger! I definitely recommend trying the burger with sweet potato fries! 

    4) Talde - This is the 1st restaurant we went to because we got in late and it was open very late. It's an asian fusion restaurant, which I love! My favorite thing here was the pork belly (you can't go wrong with PB), and a filipino dessert called "halo halo". It comes in an icy form and they add mango, coconut, pineapple, cereal, green tea, and the list goes on. SO GOOD! 

    5) Under the Mango tree - this is a good place for smoothies and acai bowls! If you're a smoothie lover like me, I recommend the pink dragon smoothie which has dragon fruit, banana and apples. LOVE the dragon fruit option.


    You guessed it! Chilling on the beach is a must and lounging by the pool is a close second! We also went to Wynwood Walls, which is a popular site to go to if you're into urban art. Super cool and super creative! Great photo-ops too if you're into that! 

    Another thing we did was we drove up to Orlando to visit Universal Studios. It was a 3 1/2 hour drive so not toooo terrible. Orlando is also very very humid and hot during this time of the year so bring a hat and wear comfortable shoes. Honestly, the only attraction I really enjoyed was Harry Potter World - especially to try the famous Butter Beer! The streets were super realistic and looked just like the ones you saw in the movie. They even had fake snow! My favorite experience was The Forbidden Journey - really takes you for a spin!

    Hope you guys enjoyed the mini travel guide as much as I enjoyed the trip! Leave any comments below if you guys have any recommendations or questions at all. 



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