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  • August 10, 2016


    Last weekend, we drove over to Las Vegas for 36 hours. It felt even shorter than it sounds 😔. I didn't get to do everything I wanted to do, but I still managed to crunch some stuff in our schedule! I don't really do museums or reserve anything in advance - for me, this trip was a go and see it and leave! So if that's what you like, then this is for you!

    Some tips: If you go during the summer like I did, it is crazy hot there. It was above 100degrees every day I was there. Pack light clothing and sunglasses, & drink lots of liquids. 

    You will be walking a lot, and even though places may look close - you need comfy shoes. It is a nightmare walking in the heat.

    Here is what I packed: 

    Here are a few things I recommend seeing if you have never been to Vegas and only have a short weekend there: 

    (when I refer to the "strip" I am talking about the part of vegas where all the main casinos and hotels are)

    #1 Buffets  this is a STAPLE in Vegas. All the casinos/hotels on the strip have hugggeee buffets, so the options are unlimited. I recommend The Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan - the buffet there serves all their food in little dishes so you're not awkwardly getting too much food and not being able to eat even half of it. I love their Risotto and Mac & Cheese! ANDDD the dessert bar is amazing! Another buffet to check out is Caesars Buffet at none other, Caesars Palace! The hotel itself is pretty cool too.

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    #2 Hash House A Go Go - Breakfast, brunch, dinner but with a twisted farm food style as they advertise. Everything here is huge. Although I don't know if bigger is always better, the food sure does taste good! We ordered the regular benedict, however the real deal is the sage chicken benedict featured on Man VS Food. It looked too big, so I opted out. I did love my original benedict though! We did order the sage fried chicken itself, and it was alright. I wasn't a big fan because I can't really eat fried chicken that early. 

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    #3 Venetian Hotel & Casino - why visit? This hotel has an awesome shopping center with all the high end stores like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Tiffany & Co, etc. The entire ceiling is also painted as a blue sky with clouds! Really makes you feel like you're just walking outside without all the heat in Vegas - the heat is so real. Another great thing is they have a replica of the Gondola from Venice that you can actually take a ride on! How cool is that??

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    #4 Paris Hotel- this is like traveling the world in just 1 street. Next stop is the Eiffel tower. It lights up at night just like the real one. It is a little smaller than the real one, about half the size, but its sooo real that it's just pretty cool to see it up close. It also has an observation deck just like the real one, so go up and get a good view of the city. 

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     #5 Fountains of Bellagio - What an A-mazing show! This show is a choreographed water show with lights and music that changes every time. There's really no way to describe it, I can only say you have to experience it. It's free, it happens every 30 minutes during the day time and every 15 minutes at night. 

    #6 High Roller at the Linq - This is the world's tallest observation wheel! It's a gigantic ferris wheel except each "ball" on the wheel can hold up to 40 people. It's like a private room on each ball. From what I hear, people can even hold weddings in one - haha VEGAS! Although I didn't get a chance to go on one, the tickets are cheaper online if you buy it beforehand!

    #7 Welcome to Las Vegas Sign - Can't miss this one! It's just one of those historic sites you need to see if you're in Fabulous Las Vegas. 

    #8 New York, New York - if you haven't been to NY before, here at the New York New York hotel, they have a replica of the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn bridge that you can walk onto, the empire state building and the Chrysler building. Obviously, being from NY, it's not the same. But it's a good start! Seriously though, if you haven't been to NY before, it's definitely worth a visit to the real city. 

    There are of course, a zillion of other things to do in Vegas. Some opt to party, some opt to gamble, and some opt to sight see. There's something for everyone. 

    Although I didn't get to do or see or eat everything I wanted to, I will definitely be back VEGAS! 

    Let me know if you guys have done some cool stuff in Vegas! 



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