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  • September 8, 2016


    Is Labor Day Weekend really LDW without being outdoors? um..no.

    During LDW, we went camping with a couple of friends. We were lucky enough that our friends camped in front of their computers in early March to get a spot in September! (but it was also a holiday) So plan accordingly! 

    We stayed Friday thru Sunday, which in my opinion was definitely enough time! It took us about 4 1/2 hours to drive there from SF, which wasn't too bad. 


    (it may seem obvious, but these are the most important not to forget!)
    1. Sleeping bag - it's pretty cold during the night time, even during the summer due to the high altitude - so bring extra blankets and layers!
    2. Air mattress - even though you have a sleeping bag, the ground is still pretty hard.
    3. Bug spray- you're in a forest, there is going to be LOTS of mosquitoes and you don't want to get bitten by ticks!
    4. Flashlights - bring a good head light and a bright lantern, you'll be thankful for some light. It is suuuupppper dark there.
    5. Socks, sweaters, shorts, t-shirt, long pants - bring everything, the weather changes drastically - it's very warm during the day and very cold at night. 
    6. Soaps - there is actually a public shower you can use there.
    TIP! There are always bears sighted here, so make sure you lock up everything that is scented such as food, soaps, lotions, etc. or you'll learn the hard way! 

    Here is our camp: 
    Our tents were pretty small, not too much space for anything but sleeping!


    Like most people, we were here to see the tall red woods/sequoia's that everyone is talking about. These are the giant red trees that are known for sky-scraping forests. Until you've seen one, you won't really believe how big it is. There is a General Sherman tree here that is known as the biggest tree on earth! How cool is that? 

    We also went on a small hike with our dog, Olive. The views are pretty amazing and you're surrounded by gigantic trees which makes the views even more surreal. 

    We also had a little picnic/grilling session. We couldn't skip out on that. HOWEVER - this was probably the worst part of the trip. There are so many BEES here! They are really aggressive bees and they just swarm all around you while you're either making food or eating the food. We were being attacked by so many bees at one point, we decided to eat in our car. 

    Here we are hiding from the bees: 

    Chopping up some wood? or just faking it?

    There is also a market here that I wish I had known about earlier - you can buy groceries, supplies, snacks and even food here! They had fresh coffee, french fries, pizza...not the best but when you're hungry - you're hungry. It is also very helpful if you forget anything.

    Would I ever go camping again? probably not. 

    I enjoy hiking and being outdoors, but I just don't like the idea of sleeping outdoors in a tent where bears can attack you at any point for a chicken wing. AND THE BEES. 

    For now, I will just enjoy being in the comfort of my cozy little apartment and sip on some hot tea :)


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