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  • September 20, 2016


    900 Grayson is a pretty popular spot for breakfast and lunch in Berkeley. We love brunching in Berkeley but it's always so crowded if you're in the college town area. This however was located in an area where there wasn't a whole lot going on so the traffic and parking wasn't too bad at all.

    We went on a Saturday around 1PM, and even though there were a lot of people waiting, the wait for a table was not long at all. We probably waited around 20 minutes or so. This also had a lot to with the great staff and service they had! Our order was taken promptly and our food came out fairly quick - which decreases the waiting time for other customers!

    Here is what we ordered:

    Demon Lover - this is one of their most popular dishes! Spicy buttermilk fried chicken served with a delicious waffle. The chicken was crispy and just a little spicy. The main attraction to this though is their old fashioned cream gravy. I had the gravy and syrup served on the side - so I drenched my waffle in syrup and dipped my chicken in gravy. Eaten together? AH-MAZING.

    Here is the gravy! So thick and creamy.

    Grayson Burger - We ordered a medium-rare burger, but it was served well done - which wasn't a big deal since it was still really good, but it would have been better if it was more medium! The burger was served HOT (my fave) and it had some bacon, cheddar cheese and shoestring onions on it. I really liked the BBQ sauce in the burger because I usually don't really like ketchup as much on my burgers.

    Agua Fresca - I really really liked this drink - it is a pineapple hibiscus "juice". It was really refreshing and wasn't too sweet. (this is the only pic I got of it..womp womp)

    Overall, I really liked this place. We were really full from those 2 things and didn't have to order anymore food! Really affordable place with a good amount of food :)


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