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  • September 11, 2016

    Brunch at the Neiman Marcus Cafe

    Happy Sunday y'all!

    Another Sunday, another perfect day for brunch.

    Today, we went to the Neiman Marcus Cafe  for brunch. We heard some good stuff about it, so we decided, why not try it out?
    Here is what the cafe looks like: 
    The cafe itself is located inside the NM department store. It is pretty small, but it isn't too crowded. You can also make reservations on open table.

    For the most part, it is reasonably priced - but that doesn't mean there aren't items that are a bit pricier either!

    To start off your meal, they give you a small cup of "chicken broth" to cleanse your palette, as our waitress explained to us.

    We were then served complimentary popovers with a strawberry flavored butter. I LOVE this butter. It is so smooth and tasty, and goes really well with the popover. I know, this was given to us for free - but it was really good! and it's unlimited...

    Here is what we ordered: 

    Pomegranate Lemonade - LOVE! This was not too sweet and not too sour. Just the perfect amount of both flavors.
    Breakfast Sandwich Melt - This was a pretty basic breakfast sandwich with egg, bacon, cheese, tomato and avocado. I like that the ingredients were fresh and it wasn't too heavy. I really needed a small and light breakfast today after eating so poorly throughout the week. My only complaint is the bottom slice of bread in the sandwich wasn't toasted, so after sitting on the warm plate, the bread turned soggy. And I'm not a big fan of soggy bread.

    Breakfast Frittata - First off, when this was served to us, it was pretty cold. But the staff was really nice about it and remade it for us - and the second time it was the perfect temperature. I personally liked the fritatta for the most part, but some parts of it had too much broccoli which really took the taste away from everything else. It also comes with a side of salad, fruit and potatoes. I really liked the salad, it was really fresh and not too heavy.

    They also gave us some free cookies to take home just because they wanted to be nice! It is so great when restaurants actually care about making their customers happy and go above and beyond - even though they already apologized and re-warmed our food for us.

    Overall, the NM cafe is a simple and quick place to grab brunch/lunch if you're already shopping in the Walnut Creek area. The staff there is super nice and very helpful.  

    Oh, and don't forget about the endless POPOVERS - best part of it. Quoting my boyfriend "I'm a cheap date." 



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