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  • October 24, 2016


    First off, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this! Second, it would be awesome if you guys could check out my instagram here and follow if you like what you see! 

    About last night - We were up in Sacramento, running errands and stumbled into a place called Crab City Restaurant and Dessert. This is a Asian and Cajun flavor inspired seafood restaurant.


    // This place was made for FAMILY STYLE eating - which means you share everything. And in my terms, it means you get to try everything without ordering it all for yourself. 

    // Everything is reasonably priced and the portions are HUGE. 

    // You order their seafood by the pound - so there are no surprises. You get what you pay for. The end. 

    // Did I forget to mention that everything tastes amazing?? You get to choose all the flavors from sauces to level of spiciness for all their seafood. 

    // This place has plenty of seating and it's not usually very crowded from what I heard so there is no wait!


    Crab Cakes ($12) - these lovely crab cakes are home made and you get a pretty good amount of crab cake. The sauce on top is a bit spicy but tastes great with the crab cake!

    A closer look - check out how much meat is actually in there!

    Bulgogi Fries ($9) - for fries, this was a little steep sounding at first until you see them. It's topped with bulgogi beef  and a fantastic dressing made out of sriracha (yum) and chili oil! Honestly, these may be the best fries I've ever had guys. I am practically drooling just posting this picture right now.

    House Special Crab Medium (~$45) - We shared this entree as recommended by our waiter. This dish comes with a dungeness crab served on top of garlic noodles. These noodles are definitely a must-try. The entire dish was really flavorful - you can definitely taste the spiciness of the house sauce along with the added jalapenos. You can also choose to do lobster instead of crab.

    Underneath that crab shell - MORE crab!

    I would say for the amount of food we get, this was pretty worth it. We left full and happy; which is the only way you should ever walk out of a restaurant! 

    Please leave any feedback for me if you'd like! 


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