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  • November 8, 2016


    Hey guys!

    I put a little list together with 4 restaurants I really liked in Stockholm if you ever have a quick layover or weekend trip there! Stockholm is a really awesome foodie town and a really picture-esque city for all you instagrammers out there. I will have another post for what to do soon!

    TIP: There are tons of Michelin starred restaurants here so please make reservations before you go! It's a must!

    Oaxen Slip - So this is the sister restaurant of Oaxen Krog (Michelin starred). They are attached to each other, but we ate here on a Sunday and Oaxen Krog is closed on Sundays. I don't know if there is a huge difference between the two, but Oaxen Slip had some killer appetizers! It was so delicious - so you can only imagine how great the dinner was.

    Swedish goat cheese gnocchi & Grilled turbot: 

    Grilled celeriac baked in whey -  best damn appetizer ever. It has this cheesy and soft texture to it that also tastes amazing. You won't regret ordering this.

    Sushi Sho - This is a Michelin starred restaurant and their tasting menu consists of 15 courses. It is about $67 per person, which for a Michelin starred restaurant, is considered pretty cheap/affordable. Everything here is really fresh and the flavors are just amazing. Check out all the courses from Sushi Sho on my blog HERE!

    The Flying Elk - This was my favorite restaurant in Stockholm. The Flying Elk is amazing. It's a British inspired pub with Swedish cuisine. And it's fairly easy to get a reservation here, we got a table for dinner the same day we found the restaurant. I recommend getting the Roasted duck from Navarra  and the Seared dry aged beef. They are both SO delicious. Actually to be honest, everything we ordered here was delicious, I feel like you can't go wrong.


    Nybrogatan 38 - We ate brunch here, as recommended by TasteSthlm. I ordered something similar to a Salmon eggs benedict, except this was served on top of toast. We also ordered an omelette as well - it was really simple and fresh and I loved it!


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