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  • November 4, 2016


    Hey everyone!

    I am so excited to tell you all, I finally went to my first Michelin starred restaurant! We went to Sushi Sho, which is 1 Michelin starred.

    I seriously had the best time here, the food was great, people were awesome and it was just all in all a great experience.

    Okay first off, this is a - 15 course tasting menu - Edomae styled restaurant. There are only 12 seats at the bar so you HAVE to make reservations if you want to eat here! Every course we had was a work of art, really pretty to look at and delicious to devour.

    Everyone who worked here was super nice and they explained every detail of every course to us.
    (On a side note - when I say "course", it's actually really small, about 1 or 2 pieces of sushi per course.)

    Behind the sushi bar: 

    Our awesome sushi chef: 


    We paired our food with a beer - since that's what the locals supposedly do...I got a Hitachino Nipponia and it was okay. It was pretty strong for my taste but I still drank it.

    1st Course - Dutch crab with cucumbers and melons - It looks kind of like a paste but tastes amazing.

    2nd Course - Abalone from France - cooked for 9 hours! Omg, this was so good. So tender and you can taste the sweetness from the abalone itself.

    3rd Course - Fatty Halibut seared with puree pea and plum vinegar. The fattest part is the best part.

    4th Course - Egg yolk with Swedish octopus and okra with rice puffs mixed into it. You mix everything together and eat it all in one bite. Love the crispy texture the rice puffs add to the octopus!

    5th Course - Swedish herring with ginger and puree scallions. - this was definitely my favorite! This is different from the rest of the sushi because instead of wasabi inside the sushi, the chef put ginger paste. SO GOOD.

    6th Course - Arctic Shark - I thought it was salmon at first, but little did I know...

    7th Course - Japanese seaweed Madai

    8th Course - I couldn't get the name of this one - but it tastes very sweet and I actually liked it a lot!

    9th Course - Sea bass - really fresh, but was your typical sea bass.

    10th Course - Rainbow trout with red vinegar - I liked this one because the rice was mixed with red vinegar instead of white rice vinegar so it made it a little bit more unique.

    11th Course - Swedish Mackerel - The rice in this one was also made with red vinegar but I wasn't a big fan of the mackerel. It was a bit too fishy for me.

    12th Course - Marinated artichoke with fish roe - I lovvved this! The fish roe was really fresh and had a bit of a tangy taste to it.

    13th Course - Sea urchin - wasn't my favorite but if you like sea urchin, you'll probably like it (I hope!)

    14th Course - I didn't catch the name of this either....but the egg was warm and there was a bit of roasted seaweed in it.  

    15th Course - Red wine rice with rainbow trout, arctic shark and pickled radish. Boy was this spicy!

    Dessert - Green tea mochi. They had other flavors as well, but I love green tea ice cream so I opted traditional.

    Was it the best sushi I've ever had? I would say it's pretty up there. Kidding, it's #1 on my list.

    Was it worth it? 1000% yes.

    Now the real question, would you go back? uh hell yea!


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