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  • December 11, 2016


    Hi guys!

    It's that time again....time for my favorites of the month that is! November literally flew by. I seriously do not even know how we are only 2 1/2 weeks away from Christmas. I swear, the older you get, the faster time goes by. Some of the stuff might actually be good for Christmas stocking stuffers or just presents in general!

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the favorites of this month!

    1) First is actually a Netflix show I have been LOVING. (I know I would LOVE to get a Netflix subscription is a gift!) The show is called Black Mirror. The show revolves around the "dark side" of technology in the modern age. It's like a modern age Twilight Zone that showcases the consequences new technologies can bring in our life. Each episode has a different cast and storyline, so you don't have to binge watch it at all. Each story is so interesting, I honestly loved almost all the episodes (except for 2 lol.) There are already 3 seasons, so if you haven't seen it yet, I highly highly recommend it!

    2)  J. Crew Fair Isle Sweater - this is the perfect Christmas or holiday sweater! The color is so vibrant and the pattern just puts you in the holiday spirit! It comes in the red color that I am wearing, but also comes in a more neutral color as well.  I usually wear a small, but almost all the reviews said to size up, so I ordered a medium and it's a little bit loose on me, but should be fine with a shirt underneath.

    3) Zara Round Neck Sweater - I LOVEEEEE this sweater. It's a soft and chunky sweater that literally goes with anything - jeans, leggings, or even over a dress/skirt! On the website it says it's "cropped" but as you can see on me, it seems to be a normal length sweater and is in no way cropped at all. The bottom part of the sweater is also a scallop type of cut so it adds more detail to it! I also have been loving this mauve pink-ish color, but this also comes in a grey/black color as well. 

    4) E.L.F Face Primer - This is a really good primer if you have really oily skin like I do. After I put lotion on my face, I put this primer on and it automatically "matte-ifys" my face. This really preps my face before I put on any foundation! Best part is you can get this for like $6! 

    5) OPI Infinite Shine - I like to switch up my nail color a lot so I usually do my own nails at home. The only problem is it usually chips after about 2-3 days if I'm lucky. HOWEVER, I found this new OPI nail polish that doesn't chip for almost 10 days. I don't use it with the whole primer or finisher OPI offers, but the nail polish is still really good. I just use my Essie top coat polish and it works just as good. Seriously give this a try if you hate when your nails chip after 3 days!

    6) Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron - This is the best curling iron I've used in a while. It's super easy to use and heats up super fast! I have it in the 1 1/4in and my hair is pretty short right now - but it creates the perfect waves!
    7) Rocksbox - (Use code "MichelleLBFF29" for the 1st month free) This is a jewelry subscription box that allows you to try jewelry for as long as you like for $19 a month. They send you 3 pieces of jewelry per box and you can keep it for as long as you want or send it back early too. You don't get to keep the jewelry, but you have the option to buy the pieces you liked afterwards. It's just a nice way to try jewelry and wear it out without having to make the commitment of owning it. I can't tell you how many times I buy small pieces of jewelry and just end up losing it in my house somewhere. 



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