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  • February 28, 2017


    LA is a pretty big city with tons of things to do. One weekend probably isn't enough to see everything, but after being there a couple of times - you need some low key things to do too.

    I was in LA for a short weekend, but still fit a lot in my schedule - there are things I still haven't done even though I've been there so many times. Check out some other things I did the last time I was in LA here.


    OUE Skyspace LA - In short, this is the tallest building in LA. It's not as tall as the skyscrapers in NYC, but the cool thing here is there is a clear glass slide you can go down from the 70th floor to the next level. It's a short few seconds but it was SOOOO fun! I highly recommend it. You also get a sick view from the 70th floor too.

    The Broad -  really popular museum but what I truly came to see as the Yayoi's infinity mirror room exhibit. You get 45 seconds in the room all to yourself to enjoy and of course, to get your gram-worthy shot. (I clearly did not get the memo)

    Bart's Books of Ojai - this is located in a cute little town called "Ojai" and there lies the coolest and biggest outdoor bookstore! Bart sells some of their books from an "honor system" so you leave money in a can after picking out the book you want!


    Milk Shop - they have a variety of unique ice cream flavors, and my fave is the fruit loop ice cream sandwich :)

     Marugame Monzo -  BEST udon I've ever had in my life. Get the sea urchin (uni) cream udon. You won't regret it. It is the creamiest and tastiest soup you can get. They even make their udon fresh for you to see by the bar area.

    Midori Matcha Cafe- a cute little cafe that serves everything matcha to make all the matcha lover's dreams come true. Matcha soft serve, matcha latte, matcha tea, matcha..- you get the point.

    Sul and Beans - here you can get a traditional "bingsoo" aka Korean shaved ice dessert. They have tons of flavors and their shaved ice is probably the finest I've ever had! It is located in the center of Korea town, so there are tons and tons of things to do.

    Little Sister DTLA - another win for Asian fusion! I am in love with their spam spring rolls and my favorite thing there - shaky shaky beef with tomato rice. Everything just works so well together and they give you a legit steak - not just some stir fried beef.

    Hope you guys enjoyed this mini list!


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